The Syndicate
Benico Enterprises UK Lottery Syndicate
At least one entry on ALL EuroMillions and Lotto draws

WELCOME to the UK Lottery Syndicate from Benico Enterprises

Join the Syndicate for just £5.00 a month, or more if you wish.
The more members, the more chances of winning prizes.

Entries will be made to all standard EuroMillions and Lotto draws. (Minimum requirement of £40, 8 shares per month.)
Other draws will be added as funds become available: to include EuroMillions & Lotto HotPicks 3 number draws and Thunderball.

Each £5.00 gives you one equal share of any winnings.

For a £60 annual outlay, we would just need one HotPicks win to more than break even. There should be more HotPicks entries in 2018, meaning more chances to win than during 2017.

Winnings will be paid, or used as payment, on request.

Let's be in it to win it in 2018


How to Register:
Send your Name, Address and Mobile Number by:
      Text: to (no calls)
      Email: to
      Personally: If you are a friend then contact me
      Online Chat: Use the online chat

Open to UK residents aged 16+

Pay £5, £10, £15, £20 etc to a max of £50 each month.

PAY BY: Standing Order (preferred payment method), PayM mobile banking, Revolut mobile app or PayPal (charges may apply)

Each member will receive a link to a personalised page detailing their payments, winnings, etc

Changes are due to be made to National Lottery draws during 2018.
Entries may be changed to adapt to these changes.

National Lottery EuroMillionsLottoThunderball
Draws may include:
EuroMillions, Lotto, HotPicks, Thunderball & other lottery draws

Below are the entries for the current month and planned entries for next month, including prize summaries.

March 2018
Winnings = to be confirmed
4 Tuesday & 5 Friday draws 
Prizes from £2.50, Raffle £1m 
08  12  19  26  35  (11)  (12) 
Tue - Raffle Code - TNWH47045 
Fri - Raffle Code - MNWH46121 
EuroMillionsEuroMillions HotPicks 3 
4 Tuesday & 0 Friday draws 
Fixed Prize £1,500 = £150 per £5 share 
21  38  43 
4 Wednesday & 5 Saturday draws
Prizes from £25, Raffles £20K & £1m 
13  14  15  18  23  31
Wed - Raffle Code: PLUM 7390 2421 
Sat - Raffle Code: JADE 3317 4314 
National Lottery6 Members, 9 shares 
22 draw entries 
£46.50 total stakes 
includes £0.00 unallocated prize funds 

April 2018
collecting payments: more members = more entries
draws to be confirmed after 22nd March