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BE UK Lottery Syndicate


Pay by: Standing Order, Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Mobile Banking or PayPal .
Standing Orders are the preferred method of payment.
Pay £5, £10, etc to £50 each month. Each £5 = 1 prize share .
No later than 23rd of each month.

Standing Order or Bank Transfer

Bank Details will be provided when you register.
There are no charges and you may change the amount or cancel at any time.

PayM - Mobile Payment

Some banks provide options to pay by mobile. You will be provided with my Mobile Number so that you can make payments, if you wish to use this payment method.
You make payments direct from your current account from your mobile phone app.


I will provide an email address for my PayPal account if you wish to use this service*.

Debit Card

If you wish to pay by debit card, you will be sent a Starling Bank web link in order to arrange payment.

This feature is new for 2019

Prizes: These will be made by Bank Transfer or PayPal*, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Annually or upon request.
You may also use your prize fund towards payments.

*Charges may be deducted from PayPal payments - currently 3.4%+20p - subject to change at any time.
Charges may also be deducted if winning are paid to your PayPal account.
Charges are made by PayPal and not be the Lottery Syndicate. Your entry will be based on actual funds received.