The Syndicate
Benico Enterprises UK Lottery Syndicate UK
At least one entry on ALL EuroMillions and Lotto draws

A: Membership Registration

1: Membership is open to anyone, over the age of 16, resident in the United Kingdom, and registered on the Electoral Roll, or known to me personally. You will need to make payment via Revolut Mobile App, Standing Order, Bank Transfer or PayPal Subscription, including your mobile number as the reference.
2: You will need to register your membership by Text. Email or by using the Online Chat Service, so that your Name, Date of Birth and Postcode and Mobile Number can be recorded. Benico Enterprises will store your information confidentially off-line, and not release it to any other person without your written consent. Bank Details will only be requested when prize payments are required to be made, if you are not using a Mobile App or PayPal.

B: Payments

1: The minimum payment is £5.00, with a maximum of £50.00. Electronic Payments are due no later than the 21st of each calendar month, allowances will be made when this falls on a weekend. Each £5.00 paid will count as 1 share of any winnings. This payment entitles you to share any prizes won in the draws held in the next month.
Smaller payments may be accepted as part shares, for example a £1.00 prize fund may be used as purchase of 1/5th of a share, however the £5.00 minimum is still preferred.
2: Payments can be made by:
 • a: Bank Transfer or Standing Order (EASIEST FOR REGULAR PAYING),
 • b: Revolut (Mobile App)
 • c: PayM Mobile Banking Payment from your current account (Mobile App)
 • d: PayPal Subscription - a small additional charge, is payable to cover PayPal's charges.
       You may opt out of paying the addition fee, in which case you share value will be based on the amount received after deduction of PayPal's charges, of 3.4%+20p

Which ever payment method you choose, you have full control of payments. You can amend or cancel payments at anytime.
There will be no reminders sent. You will be expected to set up a Standing Order, PayPal Subscription or make Bank Transfer or Mobile App payments. In the event that you miss a payment you will not be eligible for any prizes for that month. Late payments will count as payment for the following month.
GBP £5.00 per share, Foreign currency rates available upon request
You will receive a text message each month to confirm receipt of your payments, if required.

N.B. All prizes are paid Tax Free and are not subject to income tax declaration. Benefits may be affected by winnings.

C: The Draws

All funds received will be split over the 4-5 weeks of the following calendar month. Funds may be used to bet on National Lottery Draws and other lotteries via online betting. The actual allocation will depend on total funds received. Lucky Dip Tickets will be purchased for each draw.

D: The Betting

UK National Lottery:
otto, £2.00 each - Wed & Sat
otto HotPicks (1-5 numbers), £1.00 each - Wed & Sat
uroMillions, £2.50 (£2.00 prior to Sep 2016) each - Tue & Fri
uroMillions HotPicks (1-5 numbers), £1.50 each (New from 26 Jan 2018) - Tue & Fri
Thunderball, £1.00 each - Tue*, Wed, Fri & Sat (*Tuesday draws added 30 Jan 2018)
Instant Win online games from 25p
Online betting sites may sometimes be used for bets on draws such as 49s, Irish Lotto, Health Lottery, etc.

E: Prizes

All prizes will be calculated at the end of each month, with all members receiving an equal share for each 1p paid. Prizes may be paid out when they exceed £1, ideally £5, or upon request. You may leave prizes to accumulate and then withdraw them in time for Christmas, Birthdays or Holidays. Please allow up to 14 days for prizes to be paid out to allow for my own holidays, message collection, or other unforeseen eventualities - however where possible payments will be made within 24 hours of requests.
Prizes will be paid via Bank Transfer, Mobile App or by PayPal. Charges may be deducted from PayPal payments.

PayPal & Bank Transfer payments will only been made on request. Mobile App payments may be made automatically.
Prizes will only be paid out if your personal prize fund is at least £1.

Upon lapsed membership any prizes of less than £5 will be added to the next months draw fund. Greater value prize funds will be held paid out, or held until payment is requested. This rule was added in January 2018 with first funds being added to February 2018 draws.

Any remainder prizes after being shared out will be added to the next months draw fund, with effect from February 2018.

You can text PRIZES, followed by your Full Name, to at any time to find out your personal total prize fund.

F: Monthly Raffle (May to July 2016 only) (View Draw Details)

Each month, from May 2016 until July 2016, there will be a raffle prize of at least £5.00, drawn from all members for that have paid that month. The draw will usually be held during the first week of each month, usually the first Monday or Thursday.
Members will receive one raffle ticket for £5.00, three tickets for £10, four tickets for £15 or six tickets for £20 then one additional ticket for each £5.00.

G: Administration Charges and Costs

1: All funds received will be used for Lottery Betting.
2: There will not be any deductions from payments for administration.
3: Charges by third parties, such as PayPal will be deducted from payments.
4: Online betting accounts that are used may pay me cashback on deposits.

H: Data Protection

In accordance with Data Protection no personal information will be forwarded to any other person or organisation. The information will be used only to confirm identity and make prize payments. Electoral Roll checks may be made to confirm identity, for members that I do not know personally. No personal information will be published or stored online.

I: The Agreement

The Lottery Syndicate is administered by Roy Benham, aka Beth Nicole Douglas, who will make every effort to ensure payments are allocated on time. In the event of any problems placing bets then alternative draws may be used.

Conversion Rate Changes
Buying rates will be calculated at the start of your membership and will be subject to change with at least 14 days notice
Winnings rates will be calculated when prizes are paid out.

Recent Rule Changes
5th January 2018 - General review and minor update of rules. Change to use of prize funds for lapsed members.
2017 - no changes to rules
22nd July - Raffle withdrawn in preparation for the increased cost of EuroMillions tickets at the end of September.
14th May - Payment limit increased to £50. US & Euro payments now accepted.
22nd March - Prize Fund expiry added to prizes section. Small fund rules updated.
20th March - Addition of Monthly Raffle.
26th February 2016 - General update of rules - change of syndicate name.
15th November - Clarification of Administration Charges. Rules layout improved. Addition of mid week lottery draws.
30th October - Rules re-written. Changes to all sections. Website and syndicate header changed.
August 2015 - Launch of Lottery Syndicate with draws starting in September.